Weight problems

So this is similar to my last post about feeding tubes.

I have weight issues because of cf. My body does not produce a lot of enzymes which leads to indigestion and bowel issues. I have to take man made enzymes before I eat so I can digest the food properly. I still get some stomach issues, but it helps a lot.

I am underweight and in the last year have not gained any weight. I’ve been up and down, but the last time I was at the doctors I weighed the same as I did last July, so I’ve been considering a gtube.

This is a common problem in people with cf and consists the rest of their lives. A lot of people end up getting feeding tubes to help them gain weight.

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  1. A friend of mine got a gtube, and if she knew what she knows now, she would have never had gotten it.

    I am sure I can put you in contact with her if interested.

    I do know, gastric juices can bubble up around the site and it smells terrible. That’s one thing she told me. FYI….

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