I’ve been hospitalized a few times now and when i’m in the hospital I get blood drawn, swabs, xrays, antibiotics, 4 times a day vest treatments, etc. I get a picc line put in for antibiotics and all that fun stuff.

I go down for pt or physical therapy once a day, where i go to exercise. Rt is respiratory therapist and they come down to my room and do my vest and nebulizer treatments. Then you probably know the nurses, who give me my medicine, take my vitals, and are pretty awesome. There is child life services who offers crafts and art stuff to keep you busy. You can also call them and they bring you down crafts. There is a host and techs who bring you water and take your weight.

So its pretty social. I usually go down to the cafeterias or gift shops throughout the week to keep my boredom under control. I get little pieces of paper that are for $11 and I can use them for food, but not the gift shops.

In my rooms, I get a bathroom obviously, a t.v a couple chairs or a chair and a couch which both can be used for things for guests to sleep on. There is a bedside table which has 3 droors which i put my clothes in, and a mini fridge. There is sadly no microwaves or anything in the room, but you can ask for a host or nurse to heat something up for you.


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