Random Facts

Now that all of the posts for the may challenge is done, I have to think of different post ideas, so why not do random facts? You’ll walk away from this post knowing more than ever about random things that you probably never knew and never really needed to know.  How fascinating. Note the sarcasm….

How many people have cf

Cf is a rare disease, no surprise there, but how many people have it? There is around 70,000 people worldwide who have cf. 30,000 cases are in the U.S and 40,000 others throughout the world. Cf is a genetic disease, which I’ve already gone over in previous posts. In order For people to be able…


Cf is a pain, we all know that, but there are some things to help. Here is a list of hack for people with cf or possibly any chronic illness. Buy picc line shower covers from amazon instead of using press and seal. cut the foot part off of socks to make a diy picc…

Good days and bad days

We all have good and bad days. With an illness it happens too. On good days I can go to school, do homework, and art. I still don’t feel 100%, but I am still able to function. I might have headache or some light joint pain, but nothing too bad. On bad days I sometimes…


I’ve written before about clinic, but I’ll go more into depth with this. Clinic is where you go around every three months to see all of your doctors. During clinic I do pfts, sometimes blood draws, throat cultures, sometimes X-rays, talk to my cf doctor, nutritionist, nurses, sometimes physical therapy,. With my nutritionist I talk…


Cfrd is Cystic Fibrosis related diabetes. One, is caused by the thick sticky mucus scaring the pancreas. This causes people to not produce a healthy amount of insulin. Additionally people with cfrd might not respond to insulin in the right way, which is called being insulin resistant. It is common in people with cf especially…

Where to look for information

You can always google things. It’s good especially if you just have a simple questions. You can go to Cff.org. It stands for cystic fibrosis foundation and gives information about the disease along with how to help spread awareness and donate. You can look at different blogs. It’s good to read things from people’s perspectives….

Ways to spread awareness

Since cf is not a common disease, not a lot of people know about it. Part of the reason I’m doing this may challenge is to hopefully spread awareness. Every year there is a cf walk. I typically try to go, but this year it was raining so I didn’t go, since it is outside….

Daily Photography #6

There were some hot air balloons over near my house so I decided to take some pictures. I’m pretty sure the rainbow one landed in our neighborhood somewhere. Me, my mom, and sister were yelling hi at both.