More randomness

So I know I haven’t uploaded in awhile I’m working on the May posts which I am uploading everyday in May for cf awareness.

Anyways I’ve been working on a bulletin journal which I use to just organize a bunch of stuff. So I’ll be uploading pictures of that when I remember to.


So I have clinic tommorow for my cf. clinic is where I go to my hospital and meet and talk to all of my doctors. I get pfts and throat cultures and all that Jazz.

I will upload what I did and so on tomorrow when I’m there.

That’s all for now,


In a Pickle

So I’m in a little bit of a pickle. I have art block and so I haven’t drawn or done much in the last few days because of that. I did just finish a pa thing today that I’ll hopefully remember to upload tomorrow. So I’m sorry for the lack of posts, but that is the reason.

So today I went backup to 3 classes today for school and I was really tired afterward and I sill am, but obviously I would be tired right now since it’s nighttime.


I’m trying to figure out ways to change my blog. I mean I, fine with the layout for right now, but I want it to be more me. So I’m trying to look into photoshop programs that are free and good quality to make for a banner for my site on the page. I also want to get more involved with all the different kinds of art media’s that I like.

I like to draw and I want to get better in realism and portraits. I like painting,but don’t do it as much as drawing. I’m trying embroidery, but stoped and also jelwery making. So I’m going to focus on working in improving my art and the different media’s of it more over summer and the weeks leading to then. The only thing in I have a lot more free time in summer for that stuff so it might be later rather than sooner.

That’s al for now,