Hospital Diaries- Day #14

Honestly not one of the best days. I didn’t get the best sleep and rounds came in at 8:30. They said the same thing they always do. Still getting discharged Monday. I didn’t have pt because there not here over the weekend. Me and Brianna are giving some people like the host and some nurses gifts that we made.

I don’t feel the best. I’m on an oxygen tank right now because I’m having bad breathing problems. And when I say bad breathing problems I mean the severity of them is higher than usual.Me, my mom, and my sister walked around downstairs and went to two gift shops. One is farther away so we went down there first, but we had to wait a little bit because it opens at 12, but it was 11:40 so we walked around a little bit. I got a notebook and some mechanical pencils. I am using it as a gullet journal so I’m keeping all my medicine and medical information and stuff in it, I’m also writing my symptoms down and random things like my bucket list or a quote page. I’ll probably post some pictures of that later on.

After that gift shop I went to the other gift shop and got this bunny stuffed animal. It’s really cute and it’s name is gum drop. My sister got a polar bear stuffed animal and named it marshmallow.

Then we got lunch and went back to our rooms.

Right now we’re ordering qdobas which is delicious.

That’s all for now,


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