Hospital Diaries- Day #11

So funny story, I forgot to write for today. I remember earlier to write, but as the procrastinator that I am, I didn’t. So here I am writing a blog post at 11:15pm on my iPad.

So I woke up, did my morning treatments and took my pills and ivs and what not. I took a shower, which feels good, but it always goes from warm to omg I’m going to get burned to a crisp like a egg on a sidewalk in California during the summer. Fun fact, me, my sister, and BFF actually tried to cook and egg on mine and Brianna’s drive way when it was really hot in the summer. It didn’t work.

I was in the shower during rounds so I don’t really know what went on there.At 1ish I went down for pfts. There was only one transporter that was there even though they ordered two, one for me, one for Brianna. So Brianna and I shared a wheelchair, which was amusing.

I was supposed to get labs done for Toby levels, but they moved it to tomorrow. Then after that I ate lunch, then went to pt.

At pt I warmed up on the treadmill for 10 minutes, and Brianna warmed up on the bike. Then we played the wii, which is actually exercise apparently. It’s a workout, but like a half workout. We boxed each other, and then did this running game where the faster we moved our arms the faster we went. If we went to fast we would trip and fall in the game and you had to stay behind this “guide”

I got back to Brianna’s room and we started watching parks and recreation. It’s ok, I have yet to decide if I like it or not though. Then we watched pitch perfect 2 and Spider-Man homecoming.

Right now I’m on oxygen because I’m having problems breathing. Don’t feel the best, been kind of nauseas, not the best energy wise, and feeling blah.

Oh also child life came by and gave me some crafts to do. One was this sign for spring and these two other ones were things I painted.

That’s all for now,



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