Hospital Diaries- Day #9

This is actually going to start off on last night.

So last night I was having breathing problems and nothing really helps, but the night before Brianna was having the same issue and they tried oxygen, which helped her. They decided for me to try oxygen, which helped. It was hard to fall asleep because I had a heart monitor on my finger. During rounds my doctor said that maybe we should try using it t night and when needed, but use a blend. The blend or whatever it is called is basically room air filters through a nasal canal. We think the airflow of it helps release or comfort the feel of the tightness.

Throughout the day iv’e just been binge watching the office, but whats new. At 2ish me, my Mom, and my Brianna went to Johans and Miejer. My sister got some fabric for a blanket, I got this sign and put it above my bed, and I went to meijer and got 2 pairs of these really soft leggings and a pair of sweatpants.

After that I went back to the hospital and did therpy and got put on ivs.

Im working on a big zentangle so ill upload that in a little bit, like a day or so.

Thats all for now,



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