Hospital Diaries- Day 8

Today absolutely nothing happen. We were just sitting around doing nothing. We watched frozen we were so desperate for something to watch it came down to that.

The Internets being a butt lately so we weren’t watching a lot of anything today. Sadly no office.:( My lungs are poopy like always. Since 11 in the morning iv’e been having breathing problems. Like i’m getting out of breathe just standing. I mean at times its better than other, but its been constant all day. The respiratory therapist came in and said focus on your breathing and take deep breaths. I didn’t take albuteral since 1- It doesn’t help anything. and 2- I had a treatment in an hour or so.

I mean i thought it was kind of stupid to focus on my breathing, but I get tit. Focusing on my breathing just makes it more prominent, so that didn’t help.

I decorated my room a tad. My friend gave Brianna and I some streamers to decorate, so that’s whats I did. I had an idea to go to Walgreens or rite aid and try to find stuff to DIY for room decor. I mean its an idea of something to do if were really bored, but everything costs money.

In around 20ish minutes my Dad is going to pick me, my Mom, an Brianna up with our dog and were going to go to a dog park and get some food. I haven’t seen my dog(Mya) in 8 days, which is a long time to not see your dog. So im excited to see her and also get out for a couple hours.

Nothing else is really going on. I have done 3 vest treatments so far, and have no pt(physical therapy) today or tomorrow since it is the weekend, which I am perfectly fine with.

That’s all for now,



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