Hospital Diaries #7

Nothing eventful happend in the morning. People came in for rounds, and I went into my sisters room for my first therapy.

In the afternoon sometime after lunch a lot of things were going on. I started doing my second treatment on the vest. In the first 5 minutes transporters came down to my sisters and mines room to take us down for pfts. My pfts were better, but I did close off my throat so it wasn’t very accurate.

After that I went to pt. The person had different colored blocks in a bag and for each color we had to do different stuff.

There was jumping jacks, burpes, running, mountain climbers,and squats. Then after me and Brianna had to throw this weighted ball to each other and when we caught it wed have to do a squat and then throw it to the other person.

Im trying to update sims, but the internet isn’t working so well so it keeps saying its updating, but then it says pause, then resuming, but when it says resuming it isn’t actually updating. So I haven’t been playing sims.

Thats really all were doing. Something, I think the only thing I like about being in hospital is this one restaurant called Pizza House. Tonight I think were getting pizza from there and bread sticks. They sell other food other than pizza btw.

Thats al for now,




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