Hospital Diaries- Day #6

I woke up did therapy, ivs all that jazz. Normal day. People came in for rounds which is where the doctors and other people review medications and when I’m going to get labs done etc.

I went to pt and did this game with my sister. It was uno, but if we put down a reverse, skip, wild, and draw 2. For draw 2 we would have to do a huff cough, for skip we would have to skip, for wild we had to do 10 jumping jacks, and for a reverse we had to do mountain climbers.

I drew a little bit and went down to the lobby and got cashews. On our floor is a projector that flips between different images and you can have different interactions. There’s popcorn and it pops and moves when you move your hand in front of it. There’s also volcanoes that when you put your hand in front of it it creates steam.

I’m watching the office yet again. That’s all for today.



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