Hospital Diaries- Day #5

Another boring day in the hospital. I went and did some pt which consisted of blowing bubbles as airway clearance. So apparently that’s a thing. I don’t know google it or something if your confused.

Basiclly you have a container of water with and option of soap in it along with a tube of 40-60 cm long in it. You blow into it 10 times and then do a cycle huff cough and repeat that 4 times.

Anyways I binged watched the office again, did my treatments and ivs. I got my dressing changed and finally took a shower. I have these shower covers for my picc so I don’t have to use press and seal. My hair is now puffy(I straightened my hair before coming to the hospital)

I hung out in my sisters room all day and went down to the gift shop a little later in the day and got gum and just looked around.

That’s all for today


And yes I am aware that this is being posted late I have no excuse I just forgot to type it yesterday, so there is going to be two posts today. Lucky you.


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