Pills Pills and more PILLS!

So I have CF if you do not know, which is a chronic illness lung disease that causes an overload of mucus throughout the body, but mainly in the lungs and pancreas which leads to a lot of lung infections.

To say the least I take a lot of medications.

I take a thyroid pill when I wake up, a pill for sinuses, a multivitamin, two tums for calcium, right now I take an oral antibiotic twice a day(once in the morning,once at night), a pill for my nausea, and that’s just for morning. Then add on 4 enzymes and usually two Advil.

At night I take an anti acid, antibiotic, nausea medicine, a random pill, one tum,then add on another 4 enzymes(I usually take my pills before I eat so I just take enzymes at the same time)

Then add on an hour of vest or so, 3 nebulizer treatments, and 12 puffs of all different kinds of inhalers and your good to go. Then if I decide to have a snack or breakfast(I sometimes eat breakfast if I wake up earlier) so add on another 4 enzymes, and boom you got yourself a meal.

I used to take around 30-40 pills a day because I was taking 6 enzymes each meal and snack because I was using a lower amount per enzyme, but now I’m on a higher dose for each pill if that makes sense.

I also take nose spray and I might need to take an extra albuteral throughout the day.

That’s all for now,



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