Yay! Another Lung Infection

If you couldn’t tell by the title, I have another lung infection. My last one was around 2 months ago. So that’s fun.

Here are some life hacks for when all you want to do is lay around all day or just things to do.

Find a good tv show to binge. I like the office, I don’t really know any other shows but that’s the one I like to watch.

Get a fluffy blanket. I have soooo many fluffy blankets so I’m set.

Watch a movie series. You could watch any superhero movie series, the hunger games, divergent, the maze runner, or Harry Potter.

Doodle or color. You can get a coloring book or just doodle if your bored.

Do little tasks. If your like me and have a pill container for the week, you could fill that up, or fold clothes or blankets, and stuff like that.

Play with your pets if you have some. I have a puppy so I can always play with her or pet her if I’m bored.

I think the only good thing about being sick is it being socially acceptable to wear pajamas all day.

Make a blog and post stuff. That’s what I’ve been doing and also scheduling posts and stuff.

Organize or reorganize stuff. I already have organized my room and reorganized my art supplies and desk.

Slide in those fabulous fluffy socks I know your wearing if your sick on your wooden floors if you have them. If you have CF fluffy socks are your best friends.

Find some new games or apps to play on your devices. I have wattpad which is a reading app. Netflix, or game apps. I don’t have any recommendations for game apps because I can never find any.


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