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I got discharged yesterday. I might not be uploading as much, I still feel crappy and I need to get used to doing stuff at home.

That’s all for now,


Hospital Diaries- Day # 15

me and my sister mad a little “fort” out of the window ledge and curtains. So that was fun.

I still feel crappy. I’m nauseas, occasionally dizzy, and having bad breathing problems. I’m on oxygen right now for it.

Today I went out to Michaels, five and below, and petco. Wt petco I just looked around. At five and below I got fun dip. And at Michaels I got some markers, a pencil case and fabric paint, and some things for jewelry.

I finished the office. Not really doing anything else. We ordered Olga’s.

I know it was a short post, but nothings really going on.

That’s all for now


Hospital Diaries- Day #14

Honestly not one of the best days. I didn’t get the best sleep and rounds came in at 8:30. They said the same thing they always do. Still getting discharged Monday. I didn’t have pt because there not here over the weekend. Me and Brianna are giving some people like the host and some nurses gifts that we made.

I don’t feel the best. I’m on an oxygen tank right now because I’m having bad breathing problems. And when I say bad breathing problems I mean the severity of them is higher than usual.Me, my mom, and my sister walked around downstairs and went to two gift shops. One is farther away so we went down there first, but we had to wait a little bit because it opens at 12, but it was 11:40 so we walked around a little bit. I got a notebook and some mechanical pencils. I am using it as a gullet journal so I’m keeping all my medicine and medical information and stuff in it, I’m also writing my symptoms down and random things like my bucket list or a quote page. I’ll probably post some pictures of that later on.

After that gift shop I went to the other gift shop and got this bunny stuffed animal. It’s really cute and it’s name is gum drop. My sister got a polar bear stuffed animal and named it marshmallow.

Then we got lunch and went back to our rooms.

Right now we’re ordering qdobas which is delicious.

That’s all for now,


Hospital Diaries- Day #11,12,13


Nothing really happend today, like always. I watched some movies here and there. I drew some stuff and uploaded and scheduled some art pictures on my blog.

Rounds came around, nothing new is happening or changing. I feel the same as when I was admitted so that’s fun.

In pt we did an uno game where each time we put down a card like a skip or wild card we had to do an exercise.

The later we went out to eat at apple bees which was delicious. I got this chicken, broccoli Alfredo and split it with my sister and it was yummy.

It was the same old, same old day where we did our treatments.

I’m starting to do the vest for 30 minutes instead of 20 like I usually do. I’m also doing my nebulizers before and separate of the vest.


Not really doing much. I went to pt at 11 and its 12 right now. I went on the treadmill and played on the Wii.

We ordered Chinese from panda house. It was delicious.

I sketched a little bit, but nothing that’s worth uploading, i’m just practicing poses and hands. I’m really bad at hands.


Did rounds, i am trying something for my nausea. I’m getting discharged on Monday.

Went too pt at 11. At pt we went on the treadmill for 10 minutes and did a hola hoop competition.

Went to pfts at 1:30, I actually just got back from pfts. My numbers are down from the last time, but that’s because of me closing off y throat last time, so this time it was more accurate.

I’m going to a mall in a few getting who knows what.

I’m watching the office again and typing this.

I’m bored so I don’t know what to type, so i’m going to write a list of positions you can sit on a wheel chair.

The twin- Two people sitting in one chair.

Chris cross apple sauce pepperoni pizza.

On your knees.

Thats all for now,




Hospital Diaries- Day #11

So funny story, I forgot to write for today. I remember earlier to write, but as the procrastinator that I am, I didn’t. So here I am writing a blog post at 11:15pm on my iPad.

So I woke up, did my morning treatments and took my pills and ivs and what not. I took a shower, which feels good, but it always goes from warm to omg I’m going to get burned to a crisp like a egg on a sidewalk in California during the summer. Fun fact, me, my sister, and BFF actually tried to cook and egg on mine and Brianna’s drive way when it was really hot in the summer. It didn’t work.

I was in the shower during rounds so I don’t really know what went on there.At 1ish I went down for pfts. There was only one transporter that was there even though they ordered two, one for me, one for Brianna. So Brianna and I shared a wheelchair, which was amusing.

I was supposed to get labs done for Toby levels, but they moved it to tomorrow. Then after that I ate lunch, then went to pt.

At pt I warmed up on the treadmill for 10 minutes, and Brianna warmed up on the bike. Then we played the wii, which is actually exercise apparently. It’s a workout, but like a half workout. We boxed each other, and then did this running game where the faster we moved our arms the faster we went. If we went to fast we would trip and fall in the game and you had to stay behind this “guide”

I got back to Brianna’s room and we started watching parks and recreation. It’s ok, I have yet to decide if I like it or not though. Then we watched pitch perfect 2 and Spider-Man homecoming.

Right now I’m on oxygen because I’m having problems breathing. Don’t feel the best, been kind of nauseas, not the best energy wise, and feeling blah.

Oh also child life came by and gave me some crafts to do. One was this sign for spring and these two other ones were things I painted.

That’s all for now,


Hospital Diaries-Day #10

Yay double digits. Nothing really happend in the morning. Did rounds, therapy, all that jazz.

My friend came and visited me and Brianna. We walked around the floor and went to this board. This board is a screen with a projector that changes to different images that you can interact with. You can move your hand in front of it and the objects on the board will move. Like there is a popcorn one with kernels and the popcorn and if you move your hand in front of it, they’ll move around. That’s really the best way I can explain it.

I’m waiting for my dinner, which I got pizza house, which is the bomb dot com. Iv’e been drawing, Ill probably try and upload those images tomorrow.

I went on a walk with my Dad and Brianna. There’s a path near the hospital that’s through the woods and stuff and we just walked around that for  little bit.

Thats all for now,