Pfts(pulmonary function test)

So today I had pfts or pulmonary function test. It measures lung capacity, air flows through airways and other stuff. You have to blow in through this thing that measures it, and breathe in a certain pattern that goes with what your measuring. I’ll insert a picture at the end end of this post showing what it looks like.

What my doctor looks at is my numbers for FEV1 and the 25%-75%. It is the measurement of airflow through the big and small airways.

This is what a pft looks like. Though some may differ, this is what mine would look like, except they usually don’t close the door unless we’re doing a different kind of pft that I only get once and a while.

My FEV1 was 75 and my 25%-75% was 69. This is lower than my previous pft, but not by much. These are around the numbers mine have been for the past few months and is lower than usual. Before I had problems it would be in the high 90s, sometimes lower 90s high 80s, but not usually how it is right now.

I get pfts every time I go to clinic so I’m very experienced.


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