Struggles of Wearing a mask

So I recently went on vacation and on the plane and in the airport I had to wear a mask.Struggles of wearing a mask.

So every time I go to cf clinic or most doctor appointments I have to wear a mask. I’m flying back from a vacation and I have to wear masks in the airports. To say the least it is annoying, especially when your already having breathing problems.

I hate wearing a mask. It makes it feel like I can’t breathe some times.

What I don’t understand when people stare at me. Like yes I am wearing a mask what’s the big deal. Even when I was admitted in the hospital the first time(the second time I couldn’t go out of my room) people look at me. At clinic appointments people will still look at me. What I don’t understand is what do they expect, your in a hospital, someone’s going to be wearing a mask.

Like yes I understand quick glances but this one time I was in the lobby of the hospital going out to eat and there were these girls probably around my age that just kept staring at me and my sister as we walked by. We had both been admitted, and we’re both wearing masks and picc line covers, so I understand a quick glance or to. But no they were just straight out staring at us.

It annoys me because it just makes the whole experience worse. I already don’t want to be wearing a mask but people staring makes it worse. They make it seem like some unusual thing.

There’s not a lot of people who wear masks in the hospital, but seriously what do people except it’s a hospital. Now in an airport might be a little different, but yo still shouldn’t stare.

I guess it’s just another thing I have to deal with, with Cf.


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