Update/Cf hacks

Hey so I have been having a lack if posts a nd that is because I’m on vacation. Well I’m,flying back today so ill probably have am upload tomorrow if Friday. I am currently bored and don’t know what to talk about. Probably end up talking about cf.

So cf. I got nothing. Um ok hacks. So if youve ever had a picc line you know using press, and seel buy a shower cover for in the shower off if amazon.

Having a hard time keeping all of your vest and nebulizers organized and in the same space, buy a cart from Ikea. I have one that has three shelfs, the top,one has my vest, the second shelf,holds my nebulizer pump, and the third one holds the vest I put on. I also have two small,buckets attatched to put my nebulizer in.

When admitted into the hospital bring your own blanket and pillow.

If you,need something heated up, ask your nurse or the host to heat it up for you.

If you have a fluid goal bring your own water bottle to keep track if fluids easier.

Bring face wipes or shower wipes to,clean yourself with,instead if showering.


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