Artist Struggles

Artist struggles. These are just small silly things that can be annoying at times.

The dangers of mixing up your water cup for you water cup you use to clean off paintbrushes.

When you have been digitally painting for so long, when you go to draw traditional art you think you need to do control z for backspace when you really just need an eraser,.

When your doing digital art and your pen vanished out of thin air.

Coming up with ideas.

Having motivation to draw when you don’t have time to do it, but when you have free time having no motivation to draw.

Sucks at taking compliments.

Uses YouTube as background noise, but gets distracted by watching the video.

All art supplies being expensive.

Getting a smudge mark on your sketch from pencil led on your hand.

Having pencil led on your hand.

Painting struggles of having to get everything out like paint water paintbrushes paper towel canvas(or whatever your painting on) and then having to put it away.

Being self conscious when people watch you draw.

People asking them to draw you.

Liking your drawing when your done but hating it the next day.

Not being able to come up with your own style.

Coming up with original ideas.


Not having free time to draw.


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