Annoyances of CF- Straight to the FACTS a CF chit chat

We all have our pet peeves, here are some of mine. Some are just plain out random and others relate to CF.

People not understanding that you have limits with your health. Not being able to do much certain days because your having bad days with your health and you just want to sleep. Or that doing little things exhaust you for no reason

Getting out of breath doing little tasks. This effects me a lot right now. Ill get up to get food or water and feel like im out of breath.

Stairs. Just stairs. You’ll walk up them and feel like you just ran a marathon.

Having to always take medicine before you eat.

Not getting better. I’ve been on lots and lots of oral antibiotics and even went on iv antibiotics and nothings helping. People say oh speech therapy, physical therapy, exercise, but in the end nothing helps and it just leaves you annoyed.

People thinking just because you dont look physically sick your not sick. CF is an invisible illness. Meaning you cant tell when someone has it.

People saying “you look better” when your really not. This goes along with the one above this.


Having to fill up your pill container.


Being tired but not being able to sleep.

Having no appetite.

People asking you have you tried this, have you tried that.

Having to list all the medications your on/ going through all of them.

Having bad days.






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