Good Days vs Bad Days

Everyone has there good days and there bad days. Whether it was with work or school it happens to all of us. The past few days for me have been bad days. The constant fatigue let alone is a pain in the butt.

Having cf any normal day I’ll have a lot of breathing problems and nausea episodes, but on a bad day it just all adds up. It can become to much and you just want to sleep all day, but you can’t sleep. It’s like a never ending cycle. But the thing is life moves on so you can’t just sit around doing nothing you have to do homework and chores. For other people they have to work and other adult things. It gets frustrating. Feels like nothings going right.

If I do something say go to the mall, the next day or the night of it can make me feel crappy and not want to do anything. I’ll be super tired and fatigued. Something people don’t understand either is the difference between fatigue and being tired. Being tired is usually from a lack of sleep and feeling like you want to plop down and take a nap. After you take a nap or sleep the feeling goes away, it can also be caused by waking up early. But being fatigued is different. It’s like a whole body experience of tiredness. Not wanting to do anything. Everything you do feels slow and you just want to sit around curled up all day watching tv. Sleep doesn’t help and most of the time you can’t sleep.

See there’s a difference.

So on a bad day, we’ll usually all the time 24/7 I’m fatigued, but on a bad day it determines the level of fatigue. So I’ll be tired, fatigued, breathing problems, nausea, headache, joint pain, the list goes on.

All I’m saying here is today wasn’t a good day at least health wise.


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