Cystic Fibrosis- Randomness

Every three months I have to go to clinic. Clinic is when I visit my C.F doctor and talk to them about C.F stuff. In an appointment, which usually takes hours. I have to get a throat culture very time and see a bunch of different people like pulmonary, doctor, people for digestive system for enzymes and weight, sometimes a physical therapist, and plenty more.

My next clinic is Friday and I have to get glucose testing. Glucose testing is where you get tested for CFRD. CFRD is Cystic Fibrosis related Diabetes. I have to get my blood drawn, then drink this liquid that has A LOT of sugar in it, and then after you have to wait awhile and get your blood drawn AGAIN.

I was getting better when I got discharged, butttt now I feel sick again with the breathing problems, and all that jazz. My numbers for pfts were 77 and 75 so they were down 20+ from my normal when I was discharged and had gone down since I was first admitted, but only by a few. So I have that to look forward to. I know right, hopefully you noted the sarcasm.

For all my Cf’ers out there you know the struggle when  you have a picc line so you can only get blood drawn on the opposite arm over and over again, Specially if your on Toby so you have to get Toby levels A LOT. So thats my struggle for the day.

Im done really know what else to say but im watching cheaper by the dozen and let me just say WHO HAS 12 KIDS LIKE SAY WHATTT??!!

ALSOOO idk why im doing so many caps I feel like it but im working on a small mural that I will be uploading to my youtube channel TheArtUnicorn.

I got nothing to say. My dog is currently laying on my feet. I mean say cute am I right?



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