Hospital Diaries #2 I.V Disaster

Dont you just love i.vs because I know I do. Sarcasm intended. I did not get a picc today because there was no open spots to. When I first got an I.V the lady who did it kept moving it in and out while the I.V was in my arm and it was very painful. She ended up having to poke me again and that time she didn’t have to redo it. Last night while I was hooked up to fluids it was painful from my I.V and a little above it in my veins. The next morning when my nurse went to flush it before hooking me up it hurt a lot and I had to end up getting a new I.V because my veins kept bursting and wouldn’t cooperate with the I.V. I have a giant bruise on my left arm from the I.Vs. When I got the I.V the people who did it were better so they got it first try. Hopefully the I.V will last til I get the picc line tomorrow at 11.

I filled out a sheet for hope beads which is where you fill out a sheet with things that you’ve done like radiology, picc line or port, scopes, ect. So you cross those things off that you’ve done and you get different beads for each subject and put them on a necklace.

We have them to child services and are probably going to get them in the next couple days.


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