Hospital Day #5 Saturday

Very uneventful day like usual. No throwing up. No surgery. No I.v disasters just a boring normal day. I finally went out of the hospital though. We had some gift cards and money from Christmas and some other money. The good thing was a lot of stuff was on sale so we saved some money. I did start an art project which I will post when it’s finished and have a doodle I should be able to post in a couple of days.

I got pizza hour for dinner which is soooooo delicious, but have really big portions whic make for good left overs. Hospital food isn’t…that bad. They always make it seem worse on tv. After awhile of eating hospital food it gets more and more gross and you get sick of the food. There are certain restaurants where they deliver to the hospital and you can go down to the lobby and pick it up.


Hospital Day #3-4

Yesterday I got a picc line. It was scheduled for 11, but because of delays in surgery I ended up getting it around 1-1:30ish. It’s always weird going on Anastasia. They gave me relaxing medicine to make me not nervous. After that they rolled me into the operation room and starting putting heart monitors on, putting the arm onto a little platform that they were operations on and started putting stuff on my arm to get an ultra sound. As this was going on I was hooked up to Anastasia and got on oxygen. After a few minutes I fell asleep. I woke up and was in my own room. Because of cf I get my own room before and after surgery. After awhile and answering some questions I was rolled back to my room.

After an hour or so of watching movies and attempting to sleep I started getting nauseous. It started off small, but I continued to get more nauseas. My stomach hurt and my mouth kept watering. My mom gave me a container so if I threw up. I eventually threw up, but since I was npo all day and was just main,y on liquids I really had nothing to throw up, but I guess my body found something to throw up.

Npo is when you can’t eat or drink anything and are hooked up to I.V fluids. This happens mainly before having a surgery. Usually I am hooked up to fluids after 12.

After I threw up my mom called my nurse and she said it probably from the Anastasia so that was fun. They gave me some medicine for my nausea and it went away.

Today nothing really happend. I got pfts, that was really the only eventful thing that happened today. My numbers are each down by 5 so that’s not good. We talked about discharge and decided we’re not going home until we feel better. Hopefully I’m not in the hospital on New Years even and new year. I don’t want to spend my last day of 2017 in the hospital and first day of 2018 in the hospital, but it is what it is.

After that I did nothing. Tomorrow I’m going to get my dressing changed on my picc and get it all cleaned up.

Hospital Diaries #2 I.V Disaster

Dont you just love i.vs because I know I do. Sarcasm intended. I did not get a picc today because there was no open spots to. When I first got an I.V the lady who did it kept moving it in and out while the I.V was in my arm and it was very painful. She ended up having to poke me again and that time she didn’t have to redo it. Last night while I was hooked up to fluids it was painful from my I.V and a little above it in my veins. The next morning when my nurse went to flush it before hooking me up it hurt a lot and I had to end up getting a new I.V because my veins kept bursting and wouldn’t cooperate with the I.V. I have a giant bruise on my left arm from the I.Vs. When I got the I.V the people who did it were better so they got it first try. Hopefully the I.V will last til I get the picc line tomorrow at 11.

I filled out a sheet for hope beads which is where you fill out a sheet with things that you’ve done like radiology, picc line or port, scopes, ect. So you cross those things off that you’ve done and you get different beads for each subject and put them on a necklace.

We have them to child services and are probably going to get them in the next couple days.

Hospital Diaries #1

So I have cystic fibrosis, which is a genetic lung disease that also affects the pancreas and other parts of the body. I was admitted into the hospital today and im going to tell you all about it. Once I signed in to the hospital I went up to my room. I first got my nose and mouth swapped for bacteria and germs. I then went down for Pulmonary function tests or pfts. Its where you test your lung capacity and other stuff. After that I went down to do x-rays and went back to my room.

When I got back to my room I had to get an I.V. The lady who did my I.V poked me and then it burst, so i had to get another I.V. I ended up getting it in my forearm. Im going to get a picc line hopefully tomorrow so I have to get put on I.V fluids at 12. A picc line is a tiny tube that is put on your upper arm is used for I.V antibiotics.

Hospital Tips of the day

Use socks as picc line cover but cut off the foot part

If your bored bring bored games or projects to do.

If you have a picc line buy a shower cover from amazon or use press and seal and tape to go around the picc when taking a shower.