Hospital Day #5 Saturday

Very uneventful day like usual. No throwing up. No surgery. No I.v disasters just a boring normal day. I finally went out of the hospital though. We had some gift cards and money from Christmas and some other money. The good thing was a lot of stuff was on sale so we saved some money….

Hospital Day #3-4

Yesterday I got a picc line. It was scheduled for 11, but because of delays in surgery I ended up getting it around 1-1:30ish. It’s always weird going on Anastasia. They gave me relaxing medicine to make me not nervous. After that they rolled me into the operation room and starting putting heart monitors on,…

Hospital Diaries #2 I.V Disaster

Dont you just love i.vs because I know I do. Sarcasm intended. I did not get a picc today because there was no open spots to. When I first got an I.V the lady who did it kept moving it in and out while the I.V was in my arm and it was very painful….

Hospital Diaries #1

So I have cystic fibrosis, which is a genetic lung disease that also affects the pancreas and other parts of the body. I was admitted into the hospital today and im going to tell you all about it. Once I signed in to the hospital I went up to my room. I first got my…