This is a drawing I did a while back. It’s a drawing of maleficent if you cannot tell already. Sorry I have not uploaded in the last couple days I have been sick like I said before. This might be the only thing I post today I’m not sure though I’m still not feeling the…


Hey guys, so I am just updating you and letting you know I will not be uploading a picture today because I am sick. At the latest I will upload Friday. Thanks, hope you understand. That’s all for now. Bye


Here is a little photography for you aall.

Project:City Perspective

Welp here you guys go. This is drawn on a canvas with art pens and Copic Markers. Thanks, that’s all for now. Bye

I drew this a couple weeks back for a friend. This is some what of a drawing for a movie cover for a live action Little Mermaid if there were to be one.

I might not upload as much today as I usually upload at most three times a day. I am busy with something today and that’s why I am uploading this early. I am also trying to work on a painting for you guys that I will probably at the latest upload on Tuesday. I will…

Daily Doodles

I am thinking about doing daily doodles. This is when I film a small time lapse of me doing a drawing or doodle and posting it on my blog. You guys can recommend small doodles or drawings for me to film and post. That’s all for now. Bye