Why people with a chronic illness cant just push throuhg

I read this article on a website called the mighty called why people with a chronic illness cant simply push through. They wrote a great analogy about what its like to push through with a chronic illness.

It says “Its about like driving your car until it hits empty. I usually stop for gas when I hit the three quarter mark, just to be safe. I could wait until it lands on E, although that is risky.But even once your car is on empty, you usually have a certain amount of gas left. You can risk it and keep driving, but eventually your car will completely stop. When there is no more gas left, your car is not going anywhere no matter how many positive thoughts you have. For people with chronic illness, we tend to live our lives in the space between empty and completely out of gas. Some people learn their limits well enough to stop before they completely run dry, some of us will try to push through until we have literally nothing less.”

It is a great way to explain a limit for people with chronic illnesses. The more you push yourself the less you can do, and once you reach your limit it can take awhile for you to get back to where you originally started.

This can also be compared to the spoon theory where once you use all your spoons you start using them from the next day which lessons the amount you have. Especially on hard days, or when your sick, your energy can wear out faster. Like having an old car or a car that uses up more gas per mile. Your going to hit empty a lot faster than a different car and are going to have to take more time to fill it back up and do it more frequently.

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Gtube Scheduled

So my gtube surgery is scheduled for the 23 of August. It’s good because it’s sort of towards the end of the summer, but there’s still some summer left.

Anyways today my moms calling u of m to get Brianna and I on oral antibiotics for a lung infection. Yay.

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Energy 0%

Ah the joy of having a chronic illness along with sleep issues and an addition of jet lag. Not a great combination. I have a scheduled appointment to see a neurologist in August and have another sleep study in November. I also have clinic in a couple of weeks.

My mom is going to call soon to schedule my gtube surgery.

I’m pretty sure I have a lung infection. I have an increase in coughing, breathing problems, shortness or breath, fatigue, and nausea, which equals to a whole lot of not feeling well.

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Around a year ago is when it started. I was put on kaleydeco, which gave me a bunch of side effects including nausea. I was taken off and put back on it a couple of times, but to no success did it bring any positives. We thought that it would make my nausea go away, which it didn’t.

The next thing we tried was Prilosec.Im still on it and for those of you who don’t know Prilosec is for acid reflux. To no avail, it didn’t do anything except take away my reflux.

I now take something called ginger root. I don’t exactly know what it’s for, but it helps. I take it twice a day and it helps lessen the nausea.

Recently my nauseas come back in full swing. It started a day or so before I got back from before Paris, but it really hit me on the plane. I thought I was dehydrated, but I wasn’t. I blamed it on the altitude change until I realized that wasn’t the case. It really affects me a little bit after I eat, but it can also be spiratic. My nausea usually doesn’t come to this, but it makes me feel as though I’m going to throw up even though I know I won’t. On the plane my mouth started watering.

I think the cause is a lung infection. Recently I’ve been having my symptoms for one and my nausea usually increases with infections. So that’s always fun.

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Bye bye Paris!

Today is the day we’re leaving Paris. I’m happy to go home, see my dog, swim, sleep in my own bed. The airport here is hugeeee. I’ve already gone through customs, security, and baggage check. Our flight boards at 9:42 so in around an hour and a half.

I bet I’m going to miss being in Paris, but I’ll be glad to be home. I’ll probably upload Monday or Tuesday because I want to rest and hang out with my dog and friends.

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Paris Day 11

We went to a museum called musee la orangerie. It had a lot of monet artwork and information.

This is by monet. I didnt take any other pictures, and some things I couldn’t take pictures of. Afterwards we went and ate at a cafe. We took the metro back. I took some random pictures of brianna and I sitting in tgis spoon chairs.

I dont feel the beat and feel worse today, so we went back to the apartment. I plan on taking a nap or something.

These are the pictures from last night. The Eiffel tower had projections on it for Bastille day. They were practicing I’m guessing. Then we saw the tower sparkle. We bought a small eiffle tower that lights up also.

Tommorow is the day we go home. Yayy I’m ready to see my dog and sleep in my own bed.

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The pains of a chronic illness/sleep study results

So I’m pretty positive that I have a lung infection. I have all of my symptoms of one. Luckily I have a clinic in two weeks so I can talk to my doctors.

I’m more fatigued, and I’m getting out of breath easily and having breathing issues. Also my nauseas has increased and such. So that’s great.

Anyways, my sleep study. If some of you may know I have sleep issues. I have difficulty falling asleep and have tried multiple sleep medications that haven’t helped. I got the results a couple weeks ago. Apparently, not my sister and I, breathe shallow when we sleep. This causes a high amount of carbon dioxide in our bodies. So we have to be put on a bipap that pushes air into our nose when we breathe. It’s not oxygen, just room air. That’s why when I was in the hospital I slept better when I was on oxygen.

It can either be a mask over your mouth and nose, one just over your nose, or something like a nasal cannula. I think I’m gong to try a cannula. Sadly I have to go back and do another sleep study so they can adjust settings for a bipap machine. Our next appointment ent is in November, so pretty far away.

Here’s a random picture of me during my sleep study.

Don’t I look amazing?

Paris Day 10

Yay double digits. So today was sort of a chill day. I’m not feeling the best so I slept in and stuff. We went to soc la quer. Doubt I spelt that right. We walked to the top of the some and got ice creame afterwards. We took the trame the way up, and walked back down. Brianna and I bought matching bracelets there that were only around 2 euros each.

Afterward we went back to the apartment and did therapy. The smell really affected brianna and i’s lungs. We went to dinner and were going to go see the Eiffel tower light up.

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